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Private Labelling

Forming a partnership between the brand and our labs to use our meticulously crafted formulas to build your exemplary and revolutionary products.

Private labelling, as a faster and more budget-friendly alternative, ensures that a seamless journey is established between the manufacturing, finished product and ready-for-market packaging of the brand. And Azafran Innovacion Limited (AIL) provides the same serve with its commitment to excellence, via a process that begins with sampling and ordering, onboarding with design work, batching, rigorous testing, filling, assembly, and final packing, only to eventually culminate into timely shipping of the products.

AIL has the ideal facilities to cater to the development, test and approval of the formulations to allow the brand to hit the market swiftly with its ready products. All the brand then requires is to put their label on them.

Essentially, AIL owning the formulations and working on low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), the brands can easily take quick-launch action to cater to the rising demands for products in captured categories or products suitable to low budgeting.

Vital for a successful long-term relationship, supported by an expert team, AIL has the capabilities to deliver exactly what the brand needs; brilliance; to create disruption in its chosen industry.

Fitting Scalable Solutions
Prioritising Efficiency and Precision
Ready Product for Wholesale, Drop Shipping and Bulk
Recreating from Instructions
At-Home Recipe to Lab-Based Formula

Our Segments


Merging science with aesthetics for unparalleled excellence to ensure the production of pharmaceutical products that adhere to the highest industry standards.

With state-of-the-art facilities and stringent quality assurance measures, with a focus on innovation and precision, we deliver formulation development to manufacturing, as well as private labelling to meet the diverse and unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry and subsequently for the product sphere of the brand.

From intricate medicinal ointments to groundbreaking pharmaceutical creams, to much more; we become your trusted partners in introducing advanced and dynamic solutions to the brand’s realm. 

  • Steroidal and Nonsteroidal Topical Formulations 
  • Steroidal and Nonsteroidal Topical Products
  • Pharma-grade Cosmetics 
  • Non-sterile Creams
  • Shampoos, Ointments, Gels and Lotions

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As you navigate the realm of contract formulations, trust Azafran Innovacion Limited (AIL) to be your steadfast partner. Inspired by the legacy of industry leaders, we bring a fresh perspective to every formulation project. Let’s embark on a journey of innovation and excellence together.

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Delivering every manufacture with guaranteed passion, precision and professionalism!