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Cosmetological and Dermatological

Providing flexible, scalable and adaptable manufacturing strategies for vegan to cruelty free products, we are changing the way you manufacture within the FMCG industry.

At AIL, we encourage the creation of benchmark samples with quality raw materials. And it begins with a complete control on the foundation: the harvests of the field, the ingredients of these products, that come from AIL’s very own 100+ acres of farmland in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India), planted with the finest flora and herbage.

From trial batch to the final products, AIL possesses the intellectual property rights for the production processes of numerous formulations. Additionally, it has complete control over its entire value chain right from concept to rigorous technical and technological scrutiny at every checkpoint of the manufacturing process to the actualisation. This is done via specialised departments/segments in their entirety that assure consistency and compliance of both national and global standards, when developing and manufacturing the said products.

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Chosen to unify beauty with science to provide innovative cosmetic and dermatological products that cater to the specific needs of each individual.

Each time our clients get onboarded our process begins with strategic consultations to understand their vision and goals, followed by the expertise of our in-house formulation team, ensuring cutting-edge formulations aligned with industry trends and their criteria. For the same, we ensure to provide accuracy in batch manufacturing alongside additional utilities and specialty avenues to create sample batches. 

Formulations and products made from sourced, used or grown ingredients, we make every sample batch undergo additional F&D sample testing. Rigorous testing procedures validate the safety, efficacy, and stability of each product batch, upholding our commitment to quality assurance.


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Providing one stop solutions

With specific and automatic manufacturing (bulk and batch), filling, sealing and packing lines in different capacities; AIL harbours all its manufactures in a clean and sanitised environment.


Grade-topical formulations in gels, creams, lotions, ointments and shampoos.

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Cosmetic, non-cosmetic, personal care baby care in multiple bases and forms

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Delivering every manufacture with guaranteed passion, precision and professionalism!