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Delivering comprehensive product development and manufacturing solutions to our clients.

Geling perfection with satisfactory fulfilment of a customer’s requirement, Azafran Innovacion Limited (AIL) encapsulates the essence of its purpose; to deliver the best in formulations, trial batch to the final products.

It has complete control over its entire value chain right from concept to rigorous technical and technological scrutiny at every checkpoint of the manufacturing process to the actualisation via specialised departments/segments in their entirety to assure consistency in development and production of the products.

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A commitment to advancing research and development, supported by an effective machinery and structure.

Ensuring the effectiveness of each manufacture as well as the safety of products through rigorous quality assurance protocols, AIL leverages the said quality by keenly investing itself in Preformulation and Formulation developments, assuring a complete validation process; that comes complete with lab-scale and feasibility batch manufacturing and technology transfer with product specifications.

Moreover, AIL also undergoes extensive study with each formulation, beginning from its creation to the submission of regulatory dossiers in both Indian and global markets, and various testing services.

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Delivering every manufacture with guaranteed passion, precision and professionalism!