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Azafran Innovacion Limited (AIL)

Certified contract formulator and manufacturer of Pharmaceutical, Cosmetological and Dermatological products.

Azafran Innovacion Limited (AIL) with a legacy and state of the art facility spanning over acres, has been an ideal choice for many brands,nationally and globally. Its capability, specialisation and experience in the creation of private label and white label has enabled it to scale many businesses.

Additionally, through its own brand products and new state of the art facilities including laboratories, cleanrooms, production facility, it has managed to earn the trust as one of the largest manufacturers of natural, sustainable and vegan friendly products in India; while offering a wide selection of sustainable packaging.

a specialised process and our wealth of experience and accreditation makes us the ideal choice. Our Regulatory team can guide you through the process of testing and paperwork necessary to ensure your product complies in terms of Micro Testing, Stability, Preservative, Safety Assessments, Label wording / Design, Barcoding, Product Information Files (PIF) CPNP listings, Biocide applications, Certs of Analysis (COA) and Safety Data Sheets.

Certified R&D Facilities and Accredited Laboratories
Backward Integration with Quality and Efficiency assurance
Globalised and Standardised Production Facilities
Top Quality and Export Licences
Scalable to Handle all Volumes

years of experience and expertise in

  • Technology and Innovation
  • Diverse Packaging  
  • Product Range and Quality
  • Research, Development and Formulation 


Earning its market leadership through standardisation and a unique solution delivery, AIL has emerged as a reliable partner and support system to custom develop products, complete with researc, design, formulation and much more. But it is only through its scalable capacity, as well as facilitation of domestic and international logistics that AIL has been able to do the same, with a  quicker turnaround time.

Additionally, AIL, in its resulting manufacture, always ensures that each manufacture undergoes meticulous documentation and stability test, supervised by an experience, in-house technical expertise with dedicated Quality Control team, so that the results are safe as well as state-of-the-art, safe and automated process and an in-house and experienced technical expertise with dedicated Quality Control teams, ensure meticulous documentation and stability in the resulting manufacture.

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Azafran Innovacion Limited (AIL) believes in exceptional results that exceed expectations becoming the true testament of quality and commitment towards long-term partnerships.


Our capabilities extend beyond satisfaction, beyond excellence!

They are an opportunity for us to successfully fulfil our promise to deliver the wide spectrum of products.

Our Purpose

Whether you’re a start-up business with a new brand requiring small batch sizes of a few hundred units or an international business requiring large volumes of several hundreds of thousands of units we have the capabilities and capacity to meet your needs.


Our patrons

These associations functioned as opportunities for us to successfully fulfil our commitment to quality.


Delivering every manufacture with guaranteed passion, precision and professionalism!

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