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Delivering Excellence

Azafran Innovacion is a pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical company committed to creating top-quality topical formulations. Catering to consumers and patients, we are trusted by leading personal care, cosmetics and pharmaceutical brands for our affordable and high-quality topical OTC and personal care products.


We are your dedicated, full service partners

in providing the best of innovation and products, formulation to finish, sustainably!

— Contract Manufacturing

Experience marked by meticulous attention to detail, our contract manufacturing service epitomises entrustment with the intricacies of your production process. Here we offer you seamless and strategic advantages of outsourcing while maintaining stringent control and quality assurance standards for your exclusive products.

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— Private Labelling

Unleash the power of branding and elevate your brand identity, integrating your label onto premium products. From conceptualization to delivery, we navigate the complexities to ensure your brand emerges as a beacon of distinction in the market. Explore the strategic advantages of private labelling for your brand umbrella.

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— Contract Formulations

Tailor your formulations to meet exact specifications and industry standards with this service. Our experts collaborate to create formulations, craft custom solutions and a synergy of innovation, and define for you an excellent experience that caters to your unique manufacturing and final product needs.

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A Legacy

in manufacturing better life choices!

Established in 2007 and continually evolving over decades, Azafran Innovacion Limited (AIL) has come a long way to now be reckoned as one of the certified and leading full-service contract as well as private-label formulators and manufacturers in India, to FMCG and the Pharmaceutical sector, efficiently.

  • 1500 mt/year production capacity
  • 100+ people strength
  • 22000 sq. ft. area for Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • 40,000 sq. ft. area for FMCG manufacturing
  • 200+ innovative formulations


Efficiently scaling your business in a clean and sanitized environment

we meet diverse needs through our manufacturing process and functions that best align with your particular production requirements.


At the heart of the healthcare ecosystem, the company takes pride in its commitment to advancing medical science and improving the quality of life, globally. As a pivotal player, we engage in the comprehensive process; which includes groundbreaking research to meticulous manufacturing and rigorous quality assurance. With a relentless dedication to innovation, we strive to bring forth new and effective solutions that address the unmet needs of the brand.


Contributing towards the betterment, the company works around the pulse of consumer preferences in multiple bases and forms, delivering, as commissioned by the brand, a diverse array of everyday products with efficiency and precision. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the seamless high-quality production and shipping of the products that enrich the daily lives; fueled by a culture of adaptability and consumer-centricity: resonating with the dynamic demands of the ever-evolving markets.


Delivering every manufacture with guaranteed passion, precision and professionalism!